Wednesday, 31 July 2013


The reason this product stood out for me is simply because I'm a lazy person, and I'll be the first one to admit it. I really do try and moisturiser my body as often as possible but I just can't be bothered to wait around and let it soak in, I'm just too impatient, so this product was basically leaping off the shelves at me.
Vaseline Spray & Go comes in three varieties: Cocoa butter, Aloe  Vera and Oat extract.
The reason I chose the Cocoa butter one is purely because of the smell. I loveeee anything that has the cocoa scent and it only seemed natural for me to give this one a whirl. I have to be 100% honest and say it's also because of the packaging. As I've said before, I'm a sucker for packaging and the other two types didn't really look as nice as the cocoa butter one!
Anyways, lets get on with the review. 
This product is ideal for anyone like me, too impatient to hang out, doing that silly little dance after a shower in an attempt to get my moisturiser to soak in. Let's be honest, when you see a moisturiser claiming to soak into your skin almost instantly, it's almost impossible to believe. This however does exactly that, soaks in almost instantly.
I love how this product does exactly what I says it will. It's a good quality moisturiser that soaks into my skin within seconds of application. All you need to do is spray a light mist of the moisturiser over your skin, rub it in quickly and Bob's your uncle, you've got soft skin with no trace of that horrible greasy feeling.
Personally I would recommend this version of the Spray & Go moisturiser on the grounds that it is the one that I have tried and loved, but obviously if you're wanting to give it a go I would definitely say to go with the one that is most suited to you.
Gone are the days of greasy limbs, say hello to soft skin in seconds!

Vaseline Spray & Go is available In Boots stores or for £4.99


Hello beauties! 
I was recently tagged by the lovely Fleur Danielle for this tag and decided to give it a go! The basic aim behind the Liebster Award is to recognise new blogs and celebrate our love for blogging, plus it's always fun to do a tag! Tag's are a favourite of mine, I was always a fan of filling out them long lists of questions and posting them on myspace and piczo, so I'm more than happy to do a tag! 

So whats the rules of the Liebster Award?
1. Give 11 random facts about yourself
2. Answer the 11 questions given to you by the tagger
3. Choose 11 bloggers with 200 followers or under to give the award and link them in your post
4. Create 11 new questions for your chosen bloggers to answer
5. Make sure the chosen bloggers are aware that you have selected them
6. Do not tag the person who tagged you

11 Random Facts:
-I'm absolutely terrified by mash potato and foxes
-I spend 80% of my monthly wages on beauty products
-I love buying stationery
-I once tried to be vegetarian but it last about an hour (I love bacon far too much)
-I do better in situations where I'm under pressure
-I have never broken a bone
-I'm very superstitious
-My nails are always painted
-I rant a lot, especially on twitter
-I'm useless at saving money
-Although I can't drive myself, I love going for late night drives with my boyfriend!

So let's crack on with Fleur's questions:
What are your top five favourite songs?
My choice in music really ranges but my top favourite are: 
Guns and Roses - November Rain
Coldplay - Yellow
Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons - December 1963
Lily Allen - Naive 
Philip Phillips - Home

If you only had a month to live, what would you do?
I hate thinking about stuff like this because I'm quite a spontaneous person, so the idea of knowing what would happen scares me! In all honestly, I wouldn't live my life any different to what I am now. I'm really happy with the direction my life is going in at the moment, but I've always wanted to go on a hot air balloon, go paragliding and visit New York and Rome - so I'd probably cram all of that in!

What is your favourite movie?
I'm a massive chick flick fan but no one can doubt my love for action films so I'd say my favourite film would either be Snatch or James Bond Skyfall.

Where is your favourite place to go shopping for clothes?
I really do shop all over the place but in terms of high streets, I really love Oxford Street and Covent Garden but in terms of actual shops, I love a bit of Topshop, ASOS and Urban Outfitters.

What is your favourite brand of make up?
Prepare yourselves for the massive shock of the century...or not because I'm really predictable but I love MAC for my high end and Rimmel for my high street brand. My makeup collection is mainly these two!

What ONE make up item could you not leave the house without and why?
Hands down foundation, it just hides a multitude of sins and gives me so much more confidence.

What is your biggest accomplishment so far in your life?
I would university. I was genuinely shocked with how well I did at A Level, securing my place at my university and getting a 1st this year! I may have only just completed my first year of uni but I'm proud of myself for how it's gone so far.

What is the first thing you notice about people?
Mouth then their shoes. Not entirely sure why I look at peoples mouths, it's just habit. As for shoes, you really can tell a lot about someone by their shoes!

What are your hobbies?
I don't really have any hobbies apart from blogging!

What is the furthest you've been from home?
I'm taking this question to have meant alone, and in that case it would be the South of France five years ago. I'm really fortunate to have a close bunch of friends and family and straying away from home alone has always freaked me out!

What is your number one on your list of things to do before you die?
Like I said earlier, there's plenty of things that I'd love to do before I go but I'm quite happy just going with the flo. I've learnt a lot in the past year but one thing thats stuck out the most is live for the moment, I'm happy with whatever comes my way and I don't intend to set out and do anything in particular. 

I tag the following to take part:

Rebecca from Nouvelle Beau
Lucy from Lucy Loves Beauty
Lydia from Lydia Rose
Danielle from Danielle Lucyy
Anna from Streonana
Ame from All About Alt
Alice from According to Alice
Louisa from Louise Mary MUA
Kayleigh from Beauty and Bows
Niamh from Niamh etc

Here are the 11 questions so we can get to know more about those who have been tagged:
1. What is your favourite beauty product?
2. What is the reason for why you starting blogging?
3. What is your favourite type of food (ie. chinese, indian, mexican etc) and why?
4. Smokey eyes or a bright lip?
5. What is your favourite season?
6. Biggest pet peeve?
7. Countryside or the city?
8. Is the glass half empty or half full?
9. Would you rather a night in or a night out?
10. If you could a dinner party with only five people of your choice, who would they be and why?
11.  What is the most exciting thing you've ever done?

And that's all folks. I know it's a lengthy post but it's definitely worth it! 
I can't wait to read your posts on the award!

Sunday, 28 July 2013


Before I begin this post, I just want to apologise for my lack of blogging these past couple of weeks. I've just been so rushed off my feet lately but I promise I'll be blogging away like usual in no time!

My everyday essential make up items are:
Garnier Moisture Match for Combination to oily skin (not photographed as it was in my bag)
MAC Face and Body in C2
Rimmel Stay Matte powder in Transparent 
MAC Blush in Cubic
Benefit Speed Brow in Neutral
Benefit They're Real Mascara
Rimmel Glam Lash eyeliner
MaxFactor Eyeshadow in Pearl Beige- used as a highlighter
NYX Lip Cream in Antwerp
Fraulein and Real Techniques makeup brushes.
These are the products that I use on an everyday basis, just when I want to wear makeup but I don't want to put too much effort in. If you ever see me on an ordinary day, you'll notice my makeup is very minimal and that's basically because unless I'm doing something special; I won't make much of an effort but I wouldn't dream of leaving my house without makeup on! I'm very aware of how bad it is to smother my face in makeup everyday but don't feel comfortable without it.

And that's my everyday essentials when it comes to my face!
Do you use any of these products? What are your essential fotd products?

Thursday, 18 July 2013


 I have without a doubt fallen in love with this product so even before I start ranting on about how much I adore it, I'm spreading the lipstick joy and seriously advising you to get on your hands on this product. NOW!
I recently picked this trio up from for the minimal price of £12 but if don't wish to purchase from Very, the set is sold online on the NYX website. I've always been a fan of NYX products so I definitely had high hopes, and they delivered. The set contains three shades; Antwerp - a coral pinkk, Addis Ababa- a fuschia pink and Tokyo- a nude pink. I'm not usually fan of pink lip products but this trio truly changed my mind.
The thing I love about this set is the formula and finished result of the lip cream. The lip cream is so easy to apply as it goes on almost like a lipgloss, just with a creamy texture, but dry as a matte lipstick resulting a product I just can't help but adore. The shades are very wearable and can seriously add a pop of colour to any face! 
I think a product like this is ideal in the current heat wave that we're experiencing in Britain at the moment as it doesn't melt like a lipstick nor does it have that horrible gooey texture that a lip gloss gives.

I'm sure it's undoubtedly clear to you all that I love this lip cream but I'm positive that if you try it you'll be the same!
Have you tried any NYX  lip creams? What did you think?

The opinions above are my own and the products were purchased using my own money.

Monday, 15 July 2013


How have I only just realised that I haven't done my last two Sunday posts? July definitely started with a bang for me and I've been so busy so I'm going to cram a two week catch up into one!
Image Source: Pinterest
1. This past two weeks have been absolutely crazy. My gorgeous little sister recently turned 18 (not so little anymore) so the past weeks have been manic, organising her presents and giving her a proper celebration. I don't really speak much about my sister but she means the world and more to me so it was lovely to spend some quality time together with a few bottles of vino! 
Apart from celebrating, I've been working LOADS and enjoying the sunshine! These two weeks I've really realised how much some people truly mean to me and how I need to stop wasting my time caring about what other people think and get on with life!

2. I haven't got much planned for this week. I'm just going here and there, keeping my eye out for any new products, chilling in the sun and blogging as much as possible! So basically, I'm having a chilled out week!

Instagram photos
3. With all this sun it's obvious I've been loving a sunscreen product. The one that does the trick for me is P20. It only needs one application and it lasts all day, which is perfect for a lazy sod like me! I like how it doesn't feel greasy, blends into my skin well and obviously the fact that I only need to use it once. I usually don't stray away from anything lower than SPF 25, but my pasty pale pins need a bit of colour, asap.

4. Once again I just want to thank you all for supporting me and reading my blog, it truly means so much. I would love it if you could continue your support for me on Bloglovin and follow me my blog here!

Thanks again, have a lovely week and enjoy the sun ladies! xxx


I have to be 100% honest and say that when this box first arrived I was like 'meh', but the more I keep thinking about it, the more I'm starting to like it.
I would have never have chosen any of the products in here by myself (that explains my meh reaction) but then I think to myself and say, well isn't the reason I signed up to glossybox is to try products I wouldn't have discovered on my own? Yes. Yes it was!
This box contains really good products and I'm excited to try them, shame I judge it before I saw its potential! 
Apart from Essie and Sleek, these brands are new to me so it should be interesting to try this box out over the next month! This months box contained:

Sleek Pout Paint in Cloud 9
Sleek Pout Paint in Rosette
Essie Sleek Sticks in Oh My Gold! (new product!)
Anatomicals Spray misty for me facial spritz
Alterna Haircare Bamboo Style Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist
Coola Organic Suncare Collection Mineral Face SPF 20 Unscented 

Receiving full sized products is always a bonus so I was very happy that 4/6 products this month were full sized! 

Thursday, 11 July 2013


I could easily blog about nail polishes for the rest of my life, and I'm not even joking. Nail polishes are a huge love of mine and I'm always buying new polishes and testing out different colours and styles. 
One style that has been very popular lately, and a love of mine, is block colour nails with the glitter on the ring finger nail. I recently reviewed NYC Lights Camera Glitter! where I spoke about my love for glitter nails, so it was inevitable another post featuring it was going to follow! 
Summer nails to me are usually bold block corals, oranges and pinks but I decided to have a change. This week I've gone for pastels and glitters, one of my favourite combinations.
I started with Essie's Full Steam Ahead on all my nails but my ring finger. I applied two coats and a top coat to achieve the perfect amount of colour. I then used Bourjois So Glossy in Taupe (two coats) and three coats of NYC Lights Camera Glitter on my ring finger. 
I really love the combination of these three nail polishes. The shimmer in Essie's Full Steam Ahead goes really well with the block glitter that NYC LGC, especially over Bourjois Taupe. I really think pastel nail polishes are underrated, and lilacs polishes in general, so I hoping this post will open your eyes to the beauty of pastels with glitters!

Would you wear a nail combination like this? What do you think about pastel nails?


Nivea Soft
Superdrug Intensive Hand Cream
Etré Hand and Body lotion
Soap and Glory Hand food
The Body Shop Vitamin E Hand and Nail Treatment

Nivea Soft Refreshing Soft Moisturising cream:
This is a diamond in the world of moisturisers. It's definitely one of my favourite hand creams out of the bunch, and probably on the whole market. The formula is definitely what makes it stand out for me. Its a thick consistency which melts into my skin quickly and surprising leaves no greasy feeling just very soft hands. The effects of this cream are visible almost instantly. My hands feel nourished and soft without delay and I would totally recommend this to all you dry hand sufferers out there!

Superdrug Intensive Hand Cream
They weren't lying when they say it's 'intensive'! This hand cream is perfect for anyone with really dry hands as it tackles the issue straight away and leaves hands feeling soft. I personally found this cream was a bit too rich for me, and I definitely wouldn't use it as an everyday hand cream, although that's because I don't suffer from reaaaaally dry hands. This cream was perfect for my sister who suffers from dry hands so I guess it just wasn't for me.

Etre Hand and Body Lotion
I'm not entirely sure where I got this from, but wherever it was it wasn't cheap! I wasn't too sure about this hand lotion, mainly because it has a 'wetter' consistency compared to other hand creams, but I had nothing to doubt! With a little bit of effort it soaks into my skin fairly quickly, and leaves my hands very soft instantly without a greasy residue. However (dun dun durrr) I probably wouldn't repurchase. I'm more of a quick-squirt-of-hand-cream-on-the-go kind of girl, and this is a more like a takes-a-lot-of-time-to-work-in kind of cream. Just not for me I'm afraid!

Soap and Glory Hand food
As I'm sure you're all aware, this is a massive craze between beauty bloggers, and I can totally see why! The formula is really nice, leaves my hands feeling soft and refreshed, although I find it a little too creamy for me. I just felt like it took a lot of effort for it to soak into my skin; but when it did my hands felt sooooo good. I'm uming and ering about this product but overall I did like it.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Hand and Nail Treatment
I really adore this hand cream! It's very similar to the Nivea Soft cream that I rave about, although it's not as good (soz body shop!) The only difference is that the formula is a lot thinner when compared to Nivea, although unlike Etré - it soaks in really quick and leaves my hands feeling beyond amazing. It's the best smelling product out of the bunch and I really like the simplistic packaging.
Products in order of favouritism:
Nivea Soft
The Body Shop Vitamin E
Soap and Glory Hand Food
Etré Hand and Body Lotion
Superdrug Intensive Hand Cream

Friday, 5 July 2013


So this obviously isn't the whole summer collection, but these were my favourite two colours from the range that I couldn't leave Boots without purchasing!
The two I picked up are Naughty Nautical and Full steam ahead.
Naughty Nautical (love the name) is a turquoise, that is more on the green side, with a little bit of shimmer running through whereas Full Steam Ahead is a stunning pastel lilac with silver shimmer. Both shades are gorgeous in my opinion, but Naughty Nautical is my fave. 
Like all Essie Nail Lacquers, the formula is amazing. This nail lacquer goes on a dream, doesn't chip, is long lasting and very true to its colour in the bottle. The nail lacquers are very reasonably priced at £7.99 each and are worth every penny!
Essie's naughty nautical range contains six different shades which I would describe as; coral, pink, lilac, cool blue, pastel green and turquoise all with a beautiful shimmer that definitely gives it a touch of summer glam.

I would highly recommend this collection! 
Have you tried this collection? Do you know any similar shades from other brands?


Hello hello helloooooo ladies! So I thought I would kick off this gorgeous Friday afternoon with my June Glossybox post. I'm not quite sure what happened with delivery this month, but my box was delayed, nevertheless I'm impressed. I've seen many bbloggers slating the box saying how much they didn't like this months product, I however disagree. I'm actually really excited about this months products!
All these brands are new to me, despite having heard of them before, I've never actually used any products from them (I guess that's why I'm excited!) This month box included:

Monu Professional Skincare Hydrating Moisturiser SPF 30ml
Helen É Cosmetics Eye Pencil with Smudger in Black
Figs & Rouge Coco Rose Lip Balm
Organic Surge Shine Boost Conditioner
MEMEME Long Lasting Nail Gloss in Wild

I'm amazed at the fact that four out of five products were full sized! Very impressed! From the little leaflet that comes with the box, these products look very promising so keep your eyes peeled for rates and slates!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Is it just me who is struggling to believe it's July already? Life really does fly by. June was a cracking month for me and I just hope July is the same, so lets move on and start my June favourites!
Garnier Moisture Match for combination to oily skin
This is my new favourite facial moisturiser because it definitely matches. I've always had a difficult time matching my skin to a moisturiser because I have combination skin, so normal moisturisers leave me with greasy skin. This is something else. This is just amazing. It leaves my skin moisturised and soft but with a matte finish, meaning my makeup lasts alooooooooot longer. The product smells lovely and has a lovely consistency, I would so recommend! 
Soap and Glory's The Scrub of Your Life
I've been loving this product so much this month. As I'm sure you're all very aware, I have a thing about soft skin, more of an obsession if I'm honest so scrubs and body butters are top of my list when it comes to wanting to try new products. A few months back, I purchased a few Soap and Glory goodies, including this scrub, so I thought it was time to give this one a whirl, and it's probably the best body scrub I'd ever used. It tackles dry skin like a dream, and when finished off with a bit of body butter, it's just heaven. 
The Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Toner
Toners are very important in a skincare routine and this one is just perfect for me. There not much I can say apart from I love it. It does the trick and smells fab.
Essie Naughty Nautical Nail Lacquer 
Essie is by far one of my favourite nail lacquers and their new nautical inspired range is so pretty that I had to buy a few but that post will be up on Friday! This colour is favourite from the new range. Its a turquoise (more on the green side) with a teeny tiny bit of silver shimmer running through it, the perfect shade for summer!
MAC Lip liner in Beet
When I'm having a day where I can't be bothered, I whack a bright lip on to make it look like I've made an effort (terrible I know.) But having to constantly maintain a bright lip all day is hard work as unfortunately for us ladies, no lipstick stays on forever. One trick I learnt a while ago is to use lip liner as lipstick. In other words, I colour my entire lip in with the liner, resulting in a beautiful bright lip that lasts alot longer than a lippy. MAC's Beet has been a favourite of mine this month and I seriously cannot stop wearing it!
VO5 Give me texture styling spray
I'm so bored so the lack of variety you can have with short hair, especially because mine is too short to have nice looking curls. This spray has definitely been a love of mine this month! All I do is spray a little bit in my hair, scrunch it up and hallelujah, beachy waves appear! Such an affordable product too, I love it!

And that's this months favourites, what have yours been?
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