Tuesday, 25 June 2013


So today I went to Hampton Court Palace with my gorgeous best friend Jess. The weather was just stunning, which made the day even better. Hampton Court Palace is really close to my university and on our long commutes to and from uni, Jess and I decided we'd take a trip to the palace. I studied the Tudors as part of my History A Level and I loved learning it so much that today was a guilty pleasure for me as although I've been many times before, I'd never truly known the history behind it.
I'd say that we spent about 4 hours at the palace having a wander round, grabbed a bite to eat and enjoyed the sunshine and if I'm completely honest with you, I so prefer a day out like this than a day shopping (soz
(Being tourists and having photos)
Although Jess only lives a 15 minute car journey away from me, it's difficult to see her sometimes. Trying to balance work, education and a social life is very hard work so it was so nice to have a day out together!
The palace is so beautiful I thought I ought to show you some pictures!

Don't worry beauty bloggers, there shall be a beauty post up for you guys in the next two days!


  1. That fountain is gorgeous! Glad you had a lovely day out, I know what you mean about preferring days like that to shopping!
    Also, I LOVE your blog, you really deserve more followers!

    1. I'm glad someone knows what I mean! Thank you, that means so much to me, I absolutely adore your blog!xx