Sunday, 23 June 2013


Hey ladies! Let's get straight in with my Sunday post!
Image from weheartit, edited by me.

1. I've had the most perfect lazy week! I've pretty much spent the whole week doing absolutely nothing, lazing around on the sofa watching films, and oh how I loved it. Even though I haven't really done anything special since finishing uni, I'm usually rushed off my feet with work and general tasks that I need to complete, so it was nice just to lay back and get up a few blog posts up for you lovely people! Due to my week of reflecting, I've decided that I need to try more in life, make decisions and more importantly say yes to every opportunity, because you never know where you'll end up!
This week I've uploaded three new blog posts so make sure you check them out!

2. Next week I'm rather busy with overtime at work, but I have a few blog posts in mind for you lot to read so keep your eyes peeled! I'm also going to Hampton Court on Tuesday for a little catch up with my best friend Jessie and I know you're probably thinking that's not your normal place for a catch up, but Jessie and I are both history lovers so we thought we'd put the two together and hopefully have a lovely day, which I can do a blog post on!

Some photos off my instagram from this week.

3. One product I've been loving this week is Garnier's Moisture Match moisturiser, and I love it so much I think it deserves it's own little mention. I use the one for combination to oily skin simply because I have combination skin and it always leaves my skin feeling very soft and gives a matte finish, preventing any shine. Just perfect. I'm planning to compare and review a few moisturisers in the next couple of weeks so I'll give you some more details then!

4. I just want to finish off like I always do, thanking you guys for continuing to support me and reading my blog. I love blogging so much and it makes me feel very special that you have chosen to read mine, so much love ladies!

Have an amazing week whatever you do and I'll catch up with you next Sunday!
Paige xx

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