Wednesday, 19 June 2013


MUA offer amazing makeup products for exceptionally cheap prices and one of my all time favourite products from their range is, without a doubt, their lipsticks. I have quite a growing collection of MUA lipsticks, so I thought I would pick three shades to review for you. The shades I have selected are 16 (Nectar), 14 (Bare) and 7, which doesn't have a name.
One thing I love about MUA lipsticks are the price, I mean for only £1 each you can't go wrong, right? I imagine you're thinking that for £1, the lipstick is probably going to be terrible, and if you were, you're so so wrong! The formulation of the lipsticks slightly change from shade to shade but they all glide on and the pigmentation is just brilliant. I'm not a massive fan of glossy or shimmery lipsticks so I was delighted to discover that the majority of MUA lipsticks are 'block' colour.
Shade 16 (Nectar) is by far my favourite shade out of the collection. Like I've said before, I'm a massive fan of coral/orange lipsticks and this shade is just the perfect mix between a light orange and a reddish coral. The formula of this lipstick definitely plays a part for the reason why I love this one the most. The lipstick to glide on really easily, almost like a gloss, but drys like a matt lipstick. The only thing that I can criticise about this shade (and probably all the shades from MUA) is that they don't last very long, but who cares when you're only paying £1!
Shade 14 (Bare) is a warm toned nude with a creamy formula, that I wouldn't necessarily go for, but nonetheless it's one of my favourite nude lipsticks.
As for shade 7, I'm not a fan. The colour is really pretty but the formula is far too creamy and glossy for my liking and I don't like how much shimmer it contains. Don't get me wrong, this could suit someone else really well and they may love the consistency of it, it's just not for me.
Overall, I would recommend these lipsticks to everyone and anyone. MUA produce some beautiful shades at an amazing price and I know they'll always be a favourite of mine (just not shade 7!)