Monday, 17 June 2013


So I'm currently writing this Sunday post on my lunch break because this week has been absolutely crazy!

1. To be honest, the most significant thing that has happened this week to me is the fact I'm now 19! Last Thursday I turned 19 and had a lovely couple of days celebrating with friends and family who spoilt me rotten! I've also learned a few life lessons this week I guess. I've learnt that I need to stop worrying about everything, to stop the negativity and just have a positive outlook on everything, despite how bad the outcome may be.

2. This week I'm really planning on focusing on my blog. I'm thinking maybe a new layout and definitely get a quite a few blog posts up (that reminds me, I need to finish my MAC Pink Pearl Pop review!)

Instagram photos from this week

3. I haven't really got anything exciting to share with you ladies this week, so I'm going to ask you for some advice! I'm truly rubbish with applying lipstick and I think thats because my lips are wonky, do you ladies have any advice for applying lipstick successfully?

4. I'm really sorry I've been such a rubbish blogger these last couple of weeks but I will get back on track! I really appreciate everyone who reads my blog and continues to support me, I love you all so much!

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