Monday, 15 July 2013


How have I only just realised that I haven't done my last two Sunday posts? July definitely started with a bang for me and I've been so busy so I'm going to cram a two week catch up into one!
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1. This past two weeks have been absolutely crazy. My gorgeous little sister recently turned 18 (not so little anymore) so the past weeks have been manic, organising her presents and giving her a proper celebration. I don't really speak much about my sister but she means the world and more to me so it was lovely to spend some quality time together with a few bottles of vino! 
Apart from celebrating, I've been working LOADS and enjoying the sunshine! These two weeks I've really realised how much some people truly mean to me and how I need to stop wasting my time caring about what other people think and get on with life!

2. I haven't got much planned for this week. I'm just going here and there, keeping my eye out for any new products, chilling in the sun and blogging as much as possible! So basically, I'm having a chilled out week!

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3. With all this sun it's obvious I've been loving a sunscreen product. The one that does the trick for me is P20. It only needs one application and it lasts all day, which is perfect for a lazy sod like me! I like how it doesn't feel greasy, blends into my skin well and obviously the fact that I only need to use it once. I usually don't stray away from anything lower than SPF 25, but my pasty pale pins need a bit of colour, asap.

4. Once again I just want to thank you all for supporting me and reading my blog, it truly means so much. I would love it if you could continue your support for me on Bloglovin and follow me my blog here!

Thanks again, have a lovely week and enjoy the sun ladies! xxx

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