Thursday, 19 June 2014


Hey lovelies! For those who follow me on twitter/instagram, you'd know I've spent the past week in Menorca and this is just a post to tell you all what an amazing place Menorca is!
This year, my boyfriend and I decided to do something a little different for my birthday and booked a week away in Menorca, somewhere neither of us had been before.
We stayed at the Mar de Menorca hotel in the little town of Es Canutells, just outside the capital of Mahon. This part of the island is extremely isolated, with the nearest town worth visiting a good thirty minute drive away, but it is beyond beautiful. Just five minutes from our hotel there was this beautiful cove which you can see in the pictures above, and it really was perfect. Small and quiet, this little cove was heaven on earth with its breathtaking scenery and clear waters. I haven't edited a single one of these photos (apart from putting them in a collage) so you can see just how amazing it is!
My lovely family had packed all my cards within my luggage. It felt so weird not seeing my mum and dad on my birthday but I had an amazing day nonetheless! We rented a moped for three days as a way of getting out of our isolated hotel and it was the best decision we made! Not many people can say they've spent their 20th birthday riding around Mahon on a moped! We visited Mahon's town centre, just by the port, and it felt like something out of a movies with all the old buildings, cathedrals and pebble roads. 
Whilst we were in Mahon, we decided to take a boat trip around the port and learn some new things. For just over an hour we sat on the top deck of a catamaran boat whilst it took us around the port explaining what all the buildings and islands were there for. For a history geek like me, it was ideal as I loved learning about the English control over Menorca and learning about all their military buildings. It also had a room below deck with glass flooring so you could see the wildlife as we went along.
After spending the majority of our days eating, sunbathing and wondering around the towns, Chris and I would usually spend our evenings having a drink by the bar or visiting the cove. 
Es Canutells is such a peaceful part of Menorca and its waters are truly amazing. As you can see from some of the pictures, the water is literally crystal clear, and there was some many fishes, jellyfish, stingrays etc that you could see! 
I've really had such an amazing week and I wanted to share with you the beauty of Es Canutells, but now it's back to beauty blogging!

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