Thursday, 11 September 2014


Eyeliner is something I cannot go a day without, and if I do, I feel like an alien. So trust me when I tell you that I've tried and tested my fair share and after a rummage through my stash, here are the ones that I love, like and dislike and surprising they're all drugstore!
QUICK DISCLAIMER - just because I may love/dislike a product doesn't mean you'll feel the same way so if you want to give them a try, don't let my opinion put you off!

ELF Liquid Eyeliner
I own this liner in three shades; Coffee, Black and Midnight but Coffee (which is pictured) is by far my favourite shade. Sometimes I want more of a subtle look and this is the perfect liner. I really love the formula too. It glides on easily, has amazing pigmentation and the colours are just divine. Oh and they last all day! They've got quite a few shades to choose from too and they only cost £1.95 each. Wow!

Rimmel ScandalEyes Precision Micro Liner
I'm not really a fan of felt tip liners and I'm certainly not a fan of this one! It claims to be for precision lining but I found the tip to be really wobbly and if that wasn't bad enough, the pigmentation is crap in my opinion. I had to swatch it twice just to get it to look black and there's no way it's dried out because I've only owned it a week. I really feel like it drags my eyelids too. Just a no go for me!

Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eye Liner
Praise the lord for gel eyeliner! There is something about this one that is so perfect. I've tried a few gel liners but I just prefer this one somewhat more. I've tried the 'pen' versions before too but they have nothing on this. This glides on like a dream, no dragging in sight, it's highly pigmented and lasts all day. It's really easy to remove as well. If you're wanting to try a gel liner, I really recommend trying this one.


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