Tuesday, 6 August 2013


For those who aren't familiar with Choccywoccydoodah, they're amazing chocolatiers who specialise in creating magnificent cakes from chocolate, so magnificent that they have their own TV show documenting them on some of their amazing creations.
I have visited both the London and Brighton store before. I visited the Brighton store a few years ago to purchase a cake and I have visited the London store to attend their cafe twice in the past couple of months. 
For a chocoholic like me, Choccywoccydoodah is heaven on Earth! The atmosphere in the shop is incredible and the service in the cafe is beyond brilliant. Today I'm blogging about my most recent visit as couple of days ago because I had such an amazing day that I need to share it!
I live in greater London which is only a 30 minute underground journey into central, so my mum, my two sisters and myself decided to venture out and have a day in town!
Choccywoccydoodah is located in the heart of Soho on Fouberts Place, just off of Carnaby Street. I love busy atmospheres, especially the vibe I get from walking around town so I knew I was going to have a good day. First stop was choccywoccydoodah for a chocolate lunch!
As you can see, choccy is any chocoholics dream! 
After polishing off a dark chocolate truffle milkshake and a giant slice of triple layered chocolate cake with raspberry coulis and ice cream each, we decided to walk down to Leicester Square (more like waddle after the amount we had ate!)
Mum, Courteney, myself and Chelsea
No trip to Leicester square is complete unless you visit M&M world, which is exactly what we did!
The sight of chocolate eventually became too much for us so we decided to walk round to Trafalgar Square and make our way towards the Embankment/Westminster. 
The thing I love about London is there is so much to do, and majority of it is free. My mum, my sisters and I are all keen walkers, so trekking around all the sights in London (like we had done a million times before) was very enjoyable. As we were getting closer to the London eye, we spotted an adorable Carousel. 
How adorable does this carousel look?!
The carousel ride was a lovely end to a lovely day. 
I love spending time with my mum and my sisters, they truly mean everything to me!

The quality of the photos are awful as they were taken on my phone, apologies! 

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