Friday, 23 August 2013


There is nothing more I hate than neglected feet. You know what I mean, dry skin, chapped heels, unpainted toenails, just ew! Being a regular TFL user, I've seen a lot of neglected feet in my time and that makes me more adamant to have nice feet (if such a thing exists.) 
With all this lovely weather we've been having in London I made sure I take extra care of my feet! A few weeks back I popped into my local The Body Shop and as a thank you to signing up to their membership card I received this foot scrub, which usually retails for £7, absolutely free. 
Being an avid foot scrub lover I've tried and tested quite a few but this one stands out for me!
The thing that makes this stand out for me is the formula. Most scrubs, whether for the face, body or feet all have a similar texture; that horrible very gritty feeling, but this is unlike anything I have ever used. If you can tell from the pictures, it has almost a jelly-like feel but when applied to the skin the jelly-like formula begins to dissolve and you can feel the volcanic particles getting to work and removing all the dead skin! Another thing is how amazing this product smells. The Body Shop are always true to their fragranced products and this is definitely no exception. The peppermint fragrance is very strong, which I personally like, and has a soothing scent about it.
I suffer from dry feet and this scrub works wonders, no miracles! It removes all dead skin with ease and after a little moisturiser they feel silky soft! 

I highly recommend this product to everyone and it's definitely become my favourite foot scrub!
Have you tried this? Would you recommend any other foot scrubs?

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